workshop :: digging deeper

NOW YOU ::  Digging Deeper

(offered in Fall)

** registration is now open for digging deeper 2013!**

registration is open September 16- October 4, 2013

class starts October 14th and runs through November 22, 2013

“Look within. Within is the fountain of good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Digging Deeper is our second in a series of self portraiture classes provided online. Now You :: Digging Deeper is a 6 week e-course that will guide you further on your self portrait journey. If you are uncomfortable in front of a camera (and the thought of self portraits makes you cringe) we highly recommend that you take our introductory course first. Digging Deeper is designed for those women already on the path of self exploration, who are seeking a community and teachers to guide them in digging deeper.

Themes to be explored in NOW YOU :: Digging Deeper

  • all of you
  • your soundtrack
  • comfort zone
  • bits & pieces
  • stripped down
  • wishes & dreams

Now You workshops have a personal focus on permission and safety.  In this course we will explore full body images, learn our comfort zones (and break through those barriers), focus on favorite details, strip away our vulnerabilities in image and processing, and face our fears and wishes while setting them free through intentional photography.

Description of class:

  • six weeks of online collaboration
  • class begins Oct 14th – Nov 22nd
  • content delivered to your inbox four times a week
  • weekly video: password protected video with tips and truths
  • Private flickr group to share your self portrait journey and access our group discussions

Class Materials:

  • camera
  • self
  • journal

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