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:: raves about NOW YOU Workshops ::

“This class has been so wonderful for me and I want to thank everyone–especially Meredith and Kristin who came up with the creation. It has allowed me to approach myself with gentleness, compassion, curiosity, and interest.”  ~caroline macmoran (caroline2645)

what an amazing experience. i want to shout from mountain tops “TAKE THIS CLASS…
IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” thank you…thank you…thank you.
~ tamara (smiling for grandma)

i learned so much: capturing my own image.  capturing love for myself. this course is a MUST. 
~ marie bell (a story nonetheless)

“Taking Kristin and Meredith’s Now You class was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. Their fearlessness and humor consistently drew us in day in and day out, but it was their encouragement and support that kept us coming back. They created a community where being brave and challenging ourselves was easy, where we weren’t alone.  I certainly did not expect to feel sad or any sense of loss when the class ended, but the fact that I do is a testament to how incredible the class is and how strong the connections are that we all made with one another. I cannot recommend this class more for anyone who is looking to venture into the world of self-portraiture…and self-care. It won’t be anything like what you expect…it will be better :)”
~ Jessie (miss_zabone)

“You have both been so authentic, raw and honest.  Now You has been a gift. Thank you all!  this has been very different then what I expected…  I was not expecting the bonds that would grow through this… the loyalty and community that would sprout from this virtual gathering.”
~ Madrona Wienges

“it was a privilege to be part of this first class! i took the class to learn how to turn the lens around and take a decent photo of myself as i am often left out because i am holding the camera. i had no idea it would become the journey it did. i am so glad to have found kristin and meredith and all the other amazing woman in this class. the bond which grew between us and the bravery shared was amazing. i find i turn the camera around almost daily now, which is a true gift. i can’t say enough about the Now You workshop.”
~ cathy (my corner through my lens)

“Now You was a marvelous experience for me. Kristin & Meredith exceeded my expectations. I came to this class wanting to feel more comfortable being in front of the camera instead of always being the one behind the camera. The environment created by Kristin & Meredith through gentle encouragement and clear instruction combined to make a safe environment where I felt free to express the many sides of myself. It was very exciting to begin to see myself differently and to receive feedback from the instructors and the rest of the students. The only thing I didn’t like was that it had to end. I can’t wait to take another class from these gems.”

 ~ dori (luscious life studios also known as mzdori)

“I’m not sure what I was expecting of the Now You workshop, but I was drawn in by Kristin and Meredith’s beautiful and intimate images and warm words. I felt hopeful that perhaps I could learn to be as comfortable in front of the camera as they appeared to be. As someone who has struggled with food and body issues for most of my life, I would avoid having my photograph taken or would hide behind others, staying at the back, remaining unseen. I would flinch and grimace at my reflection. Over a year ago I started to do a lot of inner work to heal my relationship with my body and knew that part of this required taking an honest but compassionate look at myself. Under Kristin and Meredith’s care and attention I feel like I have blossomed, and grown to love the experience of being seen again. The unexpected bonus was the incredible online community that built up with the other participants. Communicating with these amazing women was like spending time with old friends, catching up over a glass of wine, sharing our souls with each other. It was a very humbling and special experience that I will always treasure and now that Meredith and Kristin are offering a ‘Digging Deeper’ course I’ve signed up for that too, because I know it will be another extraordinary experience. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

~Danielle (beyoutifulreflections.com)

“I started taking photography a bit more seriously about 2 years ago but was starting to find myself taking the same kind of pictures over and over. I had watched all the “online tutorials” but was itching to do some “hands on” work.  I needed a challenge but due to my inexperience and lack of confidence, had no idea where to turn.  I then came across Kristin and Merideth and “Now You”. Admittedly nervous about signing up, I was quickly welcomed and have never felt so safe, supported and encouraged to explore and share my photography. The group, led by two amazing women with an incredible amount of knowledge and talent themselves, helped push me to the next level and solidified in me a passion for photography that I know I will hold on to for life.
Thank you to Kristin and Merideth for taking the time to highlight something positive about EVERY SINGLE photo taken.  It not only gave me the boost I needed to push myself with my photography but more importantly, it was a gentle reminder as to how an encouraging word, compliment or all out praise can completely redirect the path you are on for that day.  There were many days that I had a little extra skip in my step thanks to these lovely ladies as well as everyone else who participated!  What an amazing experience!  I highly recommend it to ANYONE looking to improve their photography skills and/or just have a little fun!”~ Medorann Boucher-Plante

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