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“Women are the primary resource of the planet. They give birth, we come from them.
They are mothers, they are visionaries, they are the future.
If we can figure out how to make women feel safe and honor women,
it would be parallel or equal to honoring life itself.”
– Eve Ensler

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Adriana :: smallroots
“It felt good to smile, it felt good to play, it felt good to shake it out. Thank you NOW YOU for the push!”

tracie :: red*
“Thank you Meredith and Kristin, the past several weeks have gone far too fast, but such a wonderful growing experience, I’m worth the money it cost for the workshop, I so hemmed and hawed about it, I’m worth the time it takes to be creative and I realize I need it to be a more alive person, a better mom and a better wife, I need it! stop feeling guilty, stop, I’m taking the power back, thank you!”


Sue T
“There is nothing like a grey rainy Sunday morning for staying in and playing with different colours and textures. What slowly emerged was the idea of using the contrasts of my grey striped hair, and the wonderful dappled skin of the pear and turning it to black and white for emphasis. The simple experimentation for this shot at the start of “Now You” taught me so much about an acceptance for myself as the focus of the piece. This feeling remains with me even some weeks down the line and I am deeply grateful for what I learnt here, on every level. And, make no mistake, I had great fun despite the serious face!”

angela hendrix petry :: journeys with a simple girl
“NOW YOU workshops is the perfect environment for letting your guard down, exploring your feelings, taking off your mask, (or exploring what it feels like to wear one just to be expressive and whimsical!) and letting your light shine. you’ll find yourself in wonderful, supportive, inspiring company…and you just might find that the lens of your heart illuminates a path you’ve been longing to explore…a path back home to you.”

sarah :: urban.prairie.forest
“Knowing what’s on the inside is what matters most was my catapult during the NOW | YOU course in believing that the outside is a beautiful reflection of that, right now.  this is my reminder, so i felt it the right detail to photograph for beginning this self portrait journey.”

madrona wienges :: wonderacadia
“I took this image after a long day. A day of challenges and the inherent demands of motherhood. This is where I go for renewal. When I find my way to the warm waters of the bath…it is always good medicine.
Rose oil & bergamot…A moment of peace.”
Now Me.
Now You.

Maria :: echie52
“All I can say is that I was really hesitant to sign up for NOWYOU. I rarely place myself in front of the camera and didn’t know what would be required of me, but Kristin and Meredith, and all the wonderful women in the group made it easy and fun to share. I took many shots of myself and my nose, but the subtlety of this one cracked me up. That’s also what I loved about this class, it gave me time to play and i have a few photos of myself that I really like.”

B :: langsam leben
“Trying to see my feet. This is becoming quiet a task at 32 weeks pregnant.Many thanks for being such amazing teachers, this workshop changed the way I look at myself and the way I photograph. What an incredible journey.”

siobhan wolf :: wolftale
“I took this photo in response to Kristin’s suggestion of using bedroom window light.  Finding that wonderful morning light was huge!  The NOW YOU course has pushed and challenged me to step outside my comfort zone in taking self-portraits.  Along the way, I found courage and bravery and a new appreciation of myself in front of my lens.  I am coming away from this course looking at my image in a whole new, softer, more loving light.  This course was a true gift and Meredith and Kristin were gentle and encouraging guides on the journey.  I am so grateful.”

Amy :: Papilion Sky Photography
“When I thought of wings, I remembered what it was like to fly down hills on my bicycle as a child.I had a blast taking these shots. I was laughing, struggling to heave my pregnant body on and off the bike. Being pregnant often makes me feel very rooted, but there is still this part of me that wants to fly down hills on my bike, jump on the bed, and swing–this is a reminder to hold onto those feelings!!”

“I laughed for 20 minutes trying to get this shot. I’d lost my remote so I had to jump down, set the camera, climb onto the bed and leap backwards about a bazilion times. I was exhausted. In half of the shots the timer didn’t go off. Here, I was looking at the light to see if it was actually working.  I had to go to a chiropractor after this photo session. I felt ridiculous. But it was fun. And the kids think the shot is hilarious. They’ll be able to see this when I’m an old old lady and remember how their crazy mommy used to jump on the bed.  For me, *that* was the point of this class.”
“Isn’t it funny that a course in self portraiture led me to discover that some of my fondest and most vivid photography memories are those of creating pictures with those I love. Whether that’s hiking on iced rivers, just letting that mosquito keep biting you to wait for the perfect moment, chasing the dancing light across the prairie or just completely goofing off, it’s the creating together that really makes it for me. I didn’t know it when I signed up, but NOWYOU has been a journey of creation with those I have truly come to love. I could not be more grateful.” (oh and there are outtakes on video from this photo shoot… enjoy!)
The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” –Anna Quindlen
“When I embarked on this whim- a self-portrait class – I had no idea my life was going to be stripped away. My 20 year marriage ended abruptly. It was something I could not see coming and this class, this space, became a place and a time that turned me towards myself.
I picked pieces everyday that captured this time. Over and over again. My photos, these portraits of me, laid bare said things that I could not say aloud. Grief is a mighty thing that way. I call this photo my “shift happens”photo. It was the beginning of the shift. I will be forever grateful to Kristin and Meredith and all of the women who participated in this class who knowingly and unknowingly saw me to this place. Where the shift began to happen.”
“Turning the lens around toward myself had a profound effect on me; over the six weeks I grew to accept me, beautiful me with my wrinkles, my thinning grey hair, and my many flaws, my deep emotional ups and downs and my many quirks, and came to understand that I am, truly enough.”
“NOW YOU has been a joyful, intriguing and challenging journey.”
 mary leach :: the adventures of benmar
“Me, at arm’s length; lying, shaded and protected from the bugs in my family’s planar mill. Between naps, I wrote in my journal thinking about this precious life and the ones I love.”
“For this prompt, I enjoyed exploring my reflection in different ways, and ultimately loved seeing how my reflection almost became part of the patina of this vintage silver tray itself.  The Now You workshop really let me explore one of my most difficult subjects, myself, in such a creative and supportive way!”

“Twirling makes me smile.”


“My daughter has these crazy hairdresser heads that are constantly displayed around the house.
I found the need to have a little party with the heads one afternoon!”

Jote Khalsa :: Bless Her Heart

“I haven’t really been feeling my ‘wings’ … by nature, I’m a little more rooted, a little less wingy…so I’ve been having difficulty wrapping my mind around how I was going to get my feet off the ground. This afternoon I was sitting at my kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee, and looked out into the living room. My eyes landed on the pile of stuff sitting on the stairs. This pile is a constant battle with my children, as I was sitting there mulling over the situation, the sun broke through the clouds outside and shone through the window. Ignoring the piles of crap on the stairs, I went and sat in the red chair for a few minutes, feeling the warmth of the sun release all of the frustration I was feeling towards this dynamic I have with my children. So, that’s the shot…levitating…gravitating towards the light, the sun…away from the crap…whatever the crap may be.”

vanessa :: dearokie

I was so happy to see Kristin & Meredith offer the workshop again when I missed it the first time. It came at such a crucial time for me. Life was crazy hectic and it gave me the opportunity to sit down, breathe, and focus on nothing but myself. Being forced to look inward was so incredibly therapeutic. I made an effort to write in my journal each week about my thoughts on the theme. Doing those things caused something to shift inside of me.

I’ve spent so much time hating my body but looking from the outside in made me realize that this is the body that I have, and it’s actually kind of beautiful with all its dips and curves. The videos that were posted each week nearly brought me to tears every time, and getting to see everyone else’s journey was so beautiful. I feel like I walked away from the experience with a deeper appreciation for who I am, made me realize that taking time from life for myself needed to be a priority, and enabled me to cross paths with so many brave women that I’m now happy to call my friends.

 Mary Harper

details: freckles on my summertime skin.

“focusing on myself and my creativity is such a challenge in the midst of this whirlwind of motherhood and caregiver that i’m in. this wonderful workshop gave me permission in a sense to make time for me, which was both overwhelming and freeing at the same time .
i loved seeing what other women thought of when prompted by certain words and ideas. acceptance and warmth surrounded the group and made it a safe place to share our images and stories.”

 Danielle :: Be{you}tifulreflections

“This image represents that feeling of self-love and compassion that I was hoping for and was wonderful to capture.


“I was on the fence about taking NOW YOU. I wasn’t sure I was ready for a class like this. But after only a couple of days, it was clear I was on an amazing journey with so many other compassionate, kind, and beautiful women! And it was a place of discovery for me…..discovering the beauty of all my pieces and parts, finding new angles and perspectives that produce unexpected results, and having fun all along the way. Thank you Kristin and Meredith for creating this incredible experience!”

 jill :: teamsass

“It’s little nudges that make me pick up the camera and take a photo I wouldn’t have taken otherwise. This was late at night, when I should have already gone to bed. The house was quiet; husband, kids, and pets all asleep. I am so glad I too the time and captured this moment. It will always remind me of the me, now. As the days turn into years, it’s important for me to reflect on where I’ve come from and the everydayness of that journey. NOW YOU gave me those little nudges to take the time and try something different, to capture the me that is now before its a faint memory.”


“Jumping was so freeing. In the first weeks of class, I was having a difficult time finding myself in the muddle of emotions that self portraiture was dredging up. However, after trying to capture myself doing a several jumps in different (and public!) places, I was able to laugh, lighten up, and really jump in to the class with both feet (pun intended).”


“What’s for dinner?”


“This is me.
Fresh out of the shower.
Wearing my husband’s robe.
And having fun with a dry erase marker.
I was inspired by you guys when you wrote on the mirrors at the end of the video.  As I tried to think of what to write (while in the shower — where I do my best thinking), it occurred to me that I was so many descriptives.  From there, I grabbed a dry erase marker and started writing the things that popped into my head.  It never crossed my mind to get dressed or to dry my hair (for the record, the hair is combed).
Thanks for the opportunity to be in your class.  I enjoyed the push and the encouragement — and I felt like I grew both spiritually and in using photography as a way to document my existence in the world.”


“I’ve never been very playful, and  I’m the kind of person who colors inside the lines…So when it came to the Whimsy prompt  I was at a loss…all I kept thinking about were the “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no Evil” monkeys. Be a good girl, don’t rock the boat..status quo! Now You and the inspiration and support from all the lovely ladies in the class gave me a push to try something new, something Whimsical!”


“They carry me where I go every day, let me run after my kids and give me incredible peace when I dip them in the lake at our cabin. You’ll never find me in cute kitten heels but I love my feet…for all the practical reason…which is good enough for me!”


“the mornings are my time to reflect and create. on this day i went outside with hoop in hand to take some self portraits. i had been hooping for only 3 days. over the weekend my daughter and i went to a hula hooping day at lowe mill arts and entertainment and then stayed for the hula hooping dance party. yay for free hooping classes, i learned to keep my hoop up and my daughter picked up some new tricks.”


“Wings:: despite the many hardships and adversity I’ve had to face and overcome in my life I know that with a little bit of fabric and thread and a whole lot of determination I’ve learned to spread my wings and create beauty.”


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