NOW YOU mantra:

Empowerment through photography can be life changing. It’s through self-portraiture that we learn to look kindly at ourselves.  Let your camera guide you.  The goal of NOW YOU is inspiration, empowerment, and confidence building through photography. This workshop will be a fun environment in which to safely jump into the world of self portraiture.

• NOW YOU workshops hopes to encourage photographic exploration. This results in giving women back the control in how they see themselves.

• Through these workshops you will come away with images to remind you the beauty of seeing and being seen.

• Are you ready to be find that brave beautiful you that dwells inside?

• NOW YOU workshops creates a safe environment to explore your image of self.  Your one and only job is to come open; open heart, open mind. Set yourself free of expectation and judgment.

• You? Are you hungry for some face time? Some “proof of life”? See the beauty of the world around you and honor yourself by finding your place in it. What do you want to remember? What is your place in the chaos? What is your place in the joy?

• Are you missing from your images? Are you the one comfortably hiding behind your camera? Perhaps you are comfortable behind and in front of the lens, but you yearn to explore more in self portraiture. If these words touch your soul these workshops are for you.

• Is this a photography course? Yes, this is a photography course taught by photographers, but it is
so much more than that too. At NOW YOU workshops, we use our cameras as tools to explore the concept of self. Photography is simply our visual medium. While we will be guiding you on your self portrait journey, this course is not focusing on the technical aspects of photography or processing photos. Our community is 100% supportive; therefore, images will not be critiqued based on technical perfection. And while we are open to discussing our photographic process (gear, technique, post-processing, etc) this will not be the focus of our class. Through this course we will guide you through stretching your creativity and exploring your sense of self based on our weekly photographic themes.

• DSLR, point & shoot, and iphone are ALL welcome here.  It is not about your gear, it is all about you.


6 thoughts on “faq’s

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  2. I just signed up and am excited to be participating in the course! A question, though. I live in Europe, so we’re six hours ahead of East Coast US time. Will the emails be sent out early enough that I’ll be able to do the assignments on the appropriate days, or will I end up lagging a day behind everyone else? I’m not even sure if that would be a problem?

  3. Hello there,
    I’ve signed up / paid up but wondered how I leave my contact details with you? So, I’m leaving them here I guess. I’m very excited.

  4. I just signed up too. I have very few pictures of myself – much prefer to take pictures of others. Will be interesting if that changes with the class.


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