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YOU :: self care

We currently offer two self portrait (6 week) eCourses and one year long (52 week) eCourse. Due to our level of class participation as instructors and our amazingly supportive community of photographers, these classes are not self paced (although you are free to come and go as you please!) We therefore, can only offer these eCourses at specific times throughout the year. Registration will open and close on schedule. Below you will find course descriptions to see what is a good fit for your personal journey.

for details and class descriptions on each class we offer, be sure to check out individual workshop pages


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17 thoughts on “eCourses

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  2. Hi, I wonder how much is enrollment to the course? I tried the sign me up link but I get to an error page from Paypal almost right away. Thanks!

    • hi! the broken link has been fixed! you can gather info on the register page or by clicking either “sign me up” button now to safely get you to paypal. the beginning six week online course is priced at $75. Digging Deeper is priced at $99 and 52 of YOU is priced at $99. thanks for your interest in NOW YOU workshops!

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    • heidi, as the class uses a private forum for sharing of images and discussions, we open and close registration at certain times of the year. this insures that each participant has a community forum and the full focus of the teachers during the six week class.

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