about kristin & meredith:

Kristin Zecchinelli is a photographer, blogger, artist, woman, and mother living on the southern coast of Maine with her small family. Kristin taps into the healing process of photography, exploring her definition of self through self portraiture. She focuses on the real, the now, the moment. Everyday beauty inspires her to pick up her camera.

Kristin’s artistic style  draws people to her photography. Her art has been on exhibit at the Fotofest Gallery in Houston, TX. Her images have appeared in the Beckoning of Lovely collection, the Shutter Sisters Picture Hope Project, and the Kirtsy Mom 2.0 video collaboration with well known novelist, Katherine Center. Kristin’s photography has won various awards and honors such as first place in the 2008 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk Competition for Portland, Maine. Kristin is a contribututing artist for Getty Images, and is featured in the upcoming book, “Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids”.

Kristin believes in the magic and beauty of the everyday. She is contributing editor at Shutter Sisters and an Everyday Storyteller at Paper Coterie. You can find her blogging at MaineMomma.

Meredith Winn is from everywhere on any given day; but has found her way home to the western Maine foothills, where she lives off-grid in a yurt with her sweetheart and a trio of boys. Meredith is drawn to focusing on the emotion and the moment of photography (not just the technical aspect of cameras) this makes her approachable as a teacher to all skill levels of photographers. Her photography is a reflection on art, nature, family, and womanhood. It is through portraiture, by documenting the beauty and truth of human existence, that she reflects on her own humanity.

Meredith is a freelance writer and photographer; her passion lives in the space between creative writing and creative imagery. Her writing has been published in various magazines including DP Magazine, Taproot Magazine, Midwifery Today, Hip Mama, Motherverse, and Literary Mama. Meredith’s photography has been on exhibit in TX, VT, and NYC as well as published in a variety of magazines including DP Magazine, Taproot Magazine, JPG Magazine, f-stop Magazine, and Emprise Review.

Meredith is a contributing editor to Shutter Sisters, a contributing writer and photographer to Taproot Magazine, and a contributing photographer for Getty Images. You can read her ever elusive and sometimes sporadic blogging at the~spirit~of~the~river.


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  2. I JUST signed up! I did a 365 self portrait project over a year ago…it was an eye opening experience….BUT as soon as i figured out photoshop…I didn’t like who I became…The photos were beautiful…near perfect skin, a younger me…someone who I missed growing up. And now that I’ve turned 48…I’m having a very difficult time facing the music. Some days are better than others…but I think…I HOPE this will help bring me around to understand me…and NOT be so hard and judgemental on myself.
    Thank you.

  3. i just registered for the summer course and I am shaking. An impulse got over me and made me do it, and I can’t wait for it to start!

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